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Activeness is the essence of life. Even when we think we are not moving, our breath moves oxygen through our body, and our chest rises and falls. Activeness is at the core of mind and body wellness. We at Glamster make it a part of our daily routine: whether walking, stretching or something as bold as surfing. Carpe diem and move your body. Your body and mind will thank you!

Glamster is a technical wellness brand at the intersection of frontier ingredients and advanced delivery technology. We have tested virtually every strain of CBD and Plant-Based Superfoods to curate what we've included in our remarkable products - all designed to feed your skin with the finest anti-oxidants, anti-inflammatories and nutrients for bright, beautiful skin! 

Why CBD?


Ethos defined is the SPIRIT of a COMMUNITY as manifested in its BELIEFS and ASPIRATIONS.  Your Glamster team is dedicated to taking 100 + years of experience in beauty, education, activity, innovation, connections and passion to deliver real results using proven science in skincare. We know we have something exceptional here because we have tried it all, then worked with experienced, like-minded product developers to give you our very best.