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Ali Stoddard, Our Ally in CBD Expertise

Ali has been our guide in understanding and utilizing the extensive benefits of the organic, whole plant, cold processed, full-spectrum CBD in BEBODY face and body products. 

Here’s a little more about Ali in her own words...

I have 20 years’ experience with medical devices in the operating room and working with surgeons and physicians. My focus was orthopedics, back surgery and oncology. My additional experience with pain management and pharmaceutical compounds has led me to look for healthier healing options like plant-based medicine. CBD isn’t about pain management, it is about balancing and healing. A lifelong athlete – I swam and played rugby for U.C. Berkeley - I understand how to listen to my body. Most Americans today do not. It is my goal with CBD to educate those around me as to how we can all make changes and live healthier, more vibrant, joyful lives.  I have two beautiful, grown children, play some soccer still, and love to garden.

CBD and Pain 

CBD- What is it? 



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